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Brady & Dr. Cinotti

Michael Cinotti grew up with horses on a small farm in upstate New York. He is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and received his DVM from Ross University after completing clinical training at the University of Tennessee in 2004.

Dr. Cinotti was an associate in a predominately racetrack oriented equine practice before opening CJ Equine in 2009, and is an instructor in the veterinary technology program at Stautzenberger College.

Dr. Cinotti lives in Stow with his wife and their three children.  They share their home with an assortment of dogs and cats.

Tami Herman RVT

Tami Herman is a registered veterinary technician. She is active in Summit County 4-H and a dedicated wife and mother of 3.

Tami helps to keep things running smoothly on the road and at the office. You will often see her running for this, diving for that and in general keeping the doctor and equipment out of harm's way.

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